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Australian Online Casino & Gambling Legality

No one will suggest that you gamble online in a jurisdiction where the activity is illegal. The problem is that in many countries in the world the legality of online gambling is a murky issue that is not clearly defined. Australia is one of those countries. Based on the existing scenario, legal experts have opined that it is not illegal for Australian players to wager at offshore licensed online casinos. Australian Online Casino lists below the top online gambling websites below where it is deemed legal for Australian players to wager. All of them are licensed by the best regulatory authorities in the world.

Best Australian Online Casinos

Best Australian Online Casinos

“Is online gambling legal in Australia?” is a question most potential online casino players ask. Unfortunately there are no clear cut answers. Online gambling has not specifically been legalised in Australia. The government has not created any regulatory authority to license and oversee online casinos. However, this does not automatically imply that online gambling is illegal. Legal experts have expressed the view that an activity cannot be illegal unless it is specifically prohibited by law and that activity is carried out within the jurisdiction of the country.

Offshore Casinos Outside Australia Jurisdiction

Based on this legal experts have stated that gambling at offshore online casinos is legal for Australian players. These online casinos are located outside Australia. Their servers and other infrastructure are at offshore locations. Their operations are carried out totally from foreign lands. Providing online gambling services is explicitly legal there. These online casinos are duly licensed and continuously regulated by the designated authorities in their countries. Therefore these online casinos are not subject to Australian laws.

It has also been deemed that the online gambling activity takes place in the jurisdiction where the online casino servers are located. The Australian online casino player connects to the server through the Internet. The wager is recorded on the server, the casino game is played on the server and the player’s records are maintained on the server. Legal experts liken this situation to the one described below. An Australia goes to a foreign country and undertakes an activity that is legal there. Even if that activity is illegal in Australia, the person has not violated Australian laws because he was in a place not covered by them.

As an Australian player at online casinos you also have some legal responsibilities. These are spelled out in the online casino terms and conditions. You are required to accept these during the registration process and you are therefore committed to fulfilling your part of the legal responsibilities.

Knowledge of Australian Online Gambling Laws

You have to determine what the Australian laws are with regards to online gambling and how they are interpreted. It is your responsibility to be abreast of any changes in the laws. As of now it is not illegal for Australian players to wager at offshore online casinos. Therefore you are safe on this count. This position is not likely to change in the foreseeable future. In any event Online Casino Australian will keep you informed on this issue.

Furnishing Correct Identity Information

The other legal responsibilities are related to your identity. You have to declare the correct information about yourself while registering at the Australian online casino. This is to prevent fraud. The online casino will ask you for copies of documents so that the can verify the information. Some Australian online casinos also engage third parties to conduct this verification.

You have to sign up in your own name. You cannot give the name of some other person or a bogus name. Giving incorrect names can also make it difficult for you to receive large payouts like progressive jackpots. You have to make sure that you are of the minimum age legally required for online gambling. Finally you have to give your correct address of residence.