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Play in AUD Currency at Top Australian Casinos

About two decades ago when online casinos first attracted Australian players payments and wagering were by default in U.S. dollars. This was not only inconvenient but it also added to the cost of wagering. The best Australian online casinos then introduced financial transactions in AUD. Today you can deposit funds in AUD using local and global online payment options. All the wagering is done in AUD and you can withdraw your winnings in your own currency. Australian Online Casino recommends that you wager at only those online casinos that transact in AUD and has listed below the best of them were ready reference.

Best Australian Online Casinos

Best Australian Online Casinos

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Benefits of Using AUD Currency at Online Casinos

Benefits of Using AUD Currency at Online Casinos

Convenience of Using AUD

First of all wagering in AUD will make Australian online casino players much more comfortable. It is a currency that you are familiar with and that you use day in and day out. You know exactly how much money you are committing while placing each bet without having to make mental currency exchange calculations. The use of online payment options is also much smoother when transacted in the local currency. Many local payment options that you are using for other purposes may not permit foreign currencies.

Costs of Wagering in Foreign Currency

Apart from the ease of operations, wagering in AUD currency also results in cost savings to the Australian online casino players. Or to put it more correctly, wagering in foreign currencies adds to the cost of wagering. When you make a deposit your AUD amount gets converted into the foreign currency. You will incur the arbitrage cost of currency exchange and also the bank charges. These will reduce your net bankroll and you will have less money to actually wager with. The same process is repeated while withdrawing from the Australian online casino that transacts in foreign currency. The online casino will remit the funds in foreign currency which will be converted into AUD by your online payments solution provider. Again you will incur the same type of costs and will receive depleted winnings. Though these costs may be a small percentage of the amount, in the long run they can build up to substantial sums over both deposits and withdrawals.

Wagering at AUD online casinos also will protect you against exchange rate fluctuations. Suppose that you deposit AU$100 at a USD online casino. That amount will get converted into U.S. dollars. Now if the AUD appreciates against the USD currency then you will get fewer Australian dollars for the same amount of U.S. dollars. All your winnings could be lost in this.

Payment Options Suggested for Australians to use AUD Currency

Payment Options Suggested for Australians to use AUD Currency

You would be using some online payment mechanism for your other activities like making travel reservations or purchasing goods online. To the extent possible it is desirable that you use the same payment option for wagering at online casinos. You would be familiar with the use of this option and you would not need to make any new registrations.

Credit Cards in AUD Currency

Almost all types of payment options prevalent in Australia will accept AUD currency. Credit cards and debit cards are quite popular. MasterCard and Visa cards can be used at most Australian online casinos for making deposits and withdrawals in AUD. However, you will need to check out at the individual online casinos for a confirmation. There may be some Australian online casinos that would accept deposits through these credit cards but may not allow withdrawals back into the credit cards.

Electronic Wallets in AUD Currency

Electronic wallets are another type of payment option prevalent in Australia. Neteller and Skrill are secure electronic wallets that will allow you to make both deposits and withdrawals in AUD currency. These operate like online bank accounts that you can fund using your credit cards or your regular bank accounts and then make online payments from it.

Prepaid Vouchers in AUD Currency

Ukash is a prepaid voucher that is fast gaining popularity among Australian online casino players. Vouchers of different denominations in AUD currency can be purchased for cash from retail outlets. These can then be used to make deposits at online casinos. The biggest disadvantage is that Ukash cannot be used for withdrawals.

Australian Payment Option POLi

POLi is a payment option unique to Australia. It enables you to transfer funds from your Australian bank account to your online casino without the use of credit cards. POLi is a link between your bank account and your online casino. Both need to be registered with it. Then you can effortlessly transfer of funds from one to the other anytime you want.