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High Roller Online Casinos for Australian Players

High roller Australian players are those who wager large amounts at online casinos. Though high rollers constitute a smaller percentage of the online casino client base, they contribute very significantly to its turnover. Therefore many AU online casinos offer special benefits to such players and are referred to as high roller casinos. The most striking indicator of a high roller online casino is an enormous welcome bonus often running into several thousand Australian dollars. There are other indicators as well, which will be discussed in other articles of this section. Australian Online Casino lists below the best high roller casinos for Australian players.

Australian High Roller Online Casinos

Australian High Roller Online Casinos

Benefits of High Roller Casinos

Benefits of High Roller Casinos

Those Australian players, who are interested in wagering large amounts of money at online casinos, would take their business where they get the maximum benefits. In order to attract these players high roller casinos offer a number of advantages. The upside to wagering at these AU online casinos is discussed below.

Upside to High Roller Casinos

The first and immediate benefit of wagering at high roller casinos is a large welcome deposit bonus. This has already been discussed in the section on bonuses.

High roller casinos reserve the highest VIP level for players who wager the maximum amounts. Through this then get preferential treatment in every aspect of online casino wagering. As a high roller you would be assigned a senior member of the customer support team to be available to you every time you log in.

The normal table limits that are specified within the various games would not interest high rollers. Through your dedicated customer representative you can get the high roller casino to substantially increase the maximum table limits for you.

Online casinos usually take a day or two to process your withdrawal requests. This is because there is a pending queue for such requests. As a high roller your withdrawal requests will not be shunted into the normal channel. It will be attended on priority and the online casino will pay out your winnings immediately.

High roller casinos have special rates for accrual and redemption of loyalty points for their valued high roller players. You will be able to convert your loyalty rewards to cash at a much faster rate, which could be three times or more than the regular rate.

Some high roller casinos even allow you to negotiate the terms and conditions of reload bonuses offered by them. They also have special promotions with much larger prizes than for regular players.

Downsides to High Roller Casinos

Downsides to High Roller Casinos

If you are a high roller at a high roller casino then you will not have much of a downside. It is true that you will have to wager significant amounts to meet the wagering requirements for bonuses. You also have to wager significant amounts to remain in your highest VIP level. But if you are really a high roller then that should not be a problem.

But if you intend to wager only modest levels and happen to sign up at a high roller casino then there could be a downside. The benefits will be on offer but you will not be able to enjoy them.

Downside to High Roller Casinos

Bonuses at high roller casinos tend to have high eligibility levels for the corresponding deposits. If that deposit is beyond your reach you will not be able to claim the bonus. If you want to take maximum advantage of the high bonus limits then you will have to make correspondingly higher deposits. Again, this may not be feasible if you have a modest bankroll. Finally the wagering requirements for high roller bonuses may make it unviable for you to avail of these bonuses.

Many promotions at high roller casinos are wagering contests in which those who wager the most share the prize pool. Here you will be pitted against high rollers whose bankrolls you will not be able to match. Therefore there is no possibility of your winning the attractive prizes in these promotions. Instead you will end up wagering more than you can afford for no gain at all.

There is no such thing as a free lunch and the benefits offered by high roller casinos come at a price in the form of greater wagering. If that prize is beyond your reach you should settle for online casinos that offer you fewer benefits, but benefits that are within your reach.