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Best Online Casino Bonuses in Australian Dollars

All Australian online casinos featured here offer bonuses to their players in AUD currency and it would be careless not to consider utilizing them. At the same time you must not jump into a bonus just because it has been offered. Australian Online Casino will explain to you how to understand and evaluate bonuses before claiming them. Bonuses that are offered to new players when their first joint an online casino are often referred to as welcome bonuses. Please go through our sections on the different types of bonuses that you will encounter at online casinos. Provided below is a listing of Australian gambling sites that offer the best online casino bonuses and of which are those we recommend most to our visitors.

Best Casino Bonuses & Promos

Best Online Casino Bonuses & Australian Promotions

Deposit Bonuses

Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses are bonuses offered by Australian online casinos to players against deposits made by them. A typical deposit bonus would be described as follows: The bonus is 200% of the deposit made, subject to a maximum bonus of AU$200. A minimum deposit of AU$50 is required to be eligible for the bonus. The amounts of the bonuses that are available under the above mentioned scheme are explained below. If the Australian player makes a deposit of less than AU$50 he will not be entitled to any bonus. For a deposit of AU$50 the bonus amount will be AU$100. For a deposit of AU$100 the bonus amount will be AU$200. For a deposit greater than AU$200 the bonus amount will remain frozen at AU$200. Australian online casinos may specify some other terms and conditions for the deposit bonuses. Therefore it would be prudent to read and understand these completely before claiming the bonuses. One of the important conditions pertains to the wagering requirements, which are described in a separate section.

Types of Deposit Bonuses

There are different types of deposit bonuses. Onetime deposit bonus offers made to new players for signing up at the Australian online casinos are referred to as welcome bonuses. Deposit bonuses offered to existing players in the regular course go by different names; the most common of which is reload bonuses. Sometimes the players are allowed to cash out the bonuses after meeting all the requirements. At other times Australian players can only cash out the deposits and the winnings from the bonuses. Such bonuses are referred to as sticky bonuses.

High Roller Bonuses

High Roller Bonuses

High rollers are players who wager large amounts at Australian online casinos. They may not wager for long periods but place much larger bets than regular players. Australian online casinos generate most of their revenue through high rollers, and therefore give such players special treatment, such as more attractive promotions and bonuses.

High Roller Deposit Bonus

Because high rollers wager larger amounts they also make larger deposits. Australian online casinos induce these players to make their large deposits in single transactions by offering high roller deposit bonuses. These are usually specified in the same way as the regular deposit bonuses, which is as a percentage of the deposit subject to a minimum deposit amount and a maximum bonus cap. However in the case of high roller bonuses the eligible deposit amount is quite high. It could be AU$500 or even more. Commensurately the bonus cap is also much higher. There is a trend to specify high roller bonuses as a flat amount for a minimum deposit, such as AU$1,000 bonus for a deposit of AU$500 or more.

High Roller Cash Back Bonus

Many Australian online casinos also offer a cash back bonus to high rollers. This is usually specified as follows: A cash back bonus of 20% on the net losses made at the online casino for a given promotion period. Assume that the period is defined as a week and that the high roller has lost AU$800 in that week. He will then get a cash back bonus of AU$160. The cash back is not money that can be withdrawn immediately, but has to be wagered at the online casino.

No Deposit Bonuses

No Deposit Bonuses

Some Australian online casinos give their players a bonus without them having to make any deposit. Such bonuses are referred to as no deposit bonuses. Online casinos have several reasons for offering no deposit bonuses, the most common of which are discussed below. Apart from the fact that no deposits are required, these bonuses have wagering requirements and other terms and conditions similar to deposit bonuses.

Welcome No Deposit Bonuses

All Australian online casinos offer deposit welcome bonuses. These require players to make a deposit, and some of them are hesitant to do so at an online casino that is totally new to them. In order to overcome this problem the leading Australian online casinos offer no deposit welcome bonus as well. These are much smaller than the deposit bonuses, often in the range of AU$20. Players can use this amount to test out the games and the systems of the online casino. In case they are satisfied then they can make a deposit and avail of the deposit welcome bonus. Usually the Australian player will not be allowed to withdraw the no deposit bonus unless he makes a further commitment to play there.

No Deposit Bonuses In Promotions

All Australian online casinos offer promotions on a regular basis. Often the prize in the promotion will be a bonus that will allow the player to wager that the online casino for free. If no deposit is required to claim this bonus than it would also fall under the category of no deposit bonus. The promotion could be in the form of a wagering contest or a prize draw.

Free Spins / Free Time Bonuses

Free Spins / Free Time Bonuses

No deposit bonuses allow players to wager for free without even having to make a deposit. Some Australian online casinos offer other options to the players, which are free spins and free time. The objective is to allow new Australian players to get the feel of the online casino before they make a commitment.

Free Spins Welcome Offer

In this type of welcome offer at Australian online casinos players are given a specified number of free spins of fixed denomination to wager on the slot games. Some online casinos give this facility on a single popular slot machine, whereas others allow the players a greater choice. There would be a fixed time slot in which to complete these free spins. At the end of the free spins if the player has won less than the value of the free spins he does not get any benefit. He can decide to make a deposit and claim the welcome bonus. But if the Australian player has won more than the value of the free spins then he can keep a portion of the winnings subject to his making a commitment of playing at the online casino. This commitment is usually in the form of a deposit. The player can always exit from the casino without making any deposit should he so desire.

Free Time Welcome Offer

This is very similar to the free spins welcome offer. The player is given a specified amount of free credits and an allotted time in which to wager them. Usually he is not restricted to online slots but can play a wider range of casino games.

Loyalty Rewards Bonuses

Loyalty Rewards Bonuses

Loyalty rewards are the most common benefits awarded to players at Australian online casinos. They are credited to all players automatically. Loyalty rewards are given to players who place real money wagers and not to those who player at the online casino for free.

How Loyalty Rewards Are Given

The unit of loyalty rewards is the loyalty point which goes by different names at different Australian online casinos. For every AU$X wagered at the online casino the player will receive 1 loyalty point. The amount required to be wagered to receive 1 loyalty point will be different for different game categories even at the same online casino. Game categories in which players take a larger risk require lower wagering amounts for 1 loyalty point. For example there is more risk involved in online slots than in blackjack games. Therefore you will have to wager more on blackjack games to receive 1 loyalty point than you will have to wager on online slots.

Once you have accumulated the required number of loyalty points you can convert them to casino credits at the specified rate. You can then use these casino credits for wagering at the online casino just as it is your own cash. Each Australian online casino will have its own rules regarding loyalty rewards, which will usually be found on the promotions page. For example you may get 1 loyalty points for wagering AU$ 1 on online slots and may be able to redeem 1,000 loyalty points for AU$1. VIP players are given more attractive loyalty rewards.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering Requirements

Australian online casinos offer bonuses to their players to induce them to wager. You cannot simply cash out the bonuses. Therefore the online casinos impose wagering requirements or play through requirements on the bonuses. Unless these wagering requirements are met you cannot withdraw the bonuses or the winnings from the bonuses. Understanding these wagering requirements is crucial if you want to avail of the bonuses.

Specification of Wagering Requirements

Most wagering requirements are specified as follows. Players are required to wager X times the bonus and the deposit before they can cash out the deposit and the winnings. Suppose you avail of a 100% bonus on a deposit of AU$100. Your bonus amount is AU$100 and your bonus and deposit amount works out to AU$200. Suppose that the online casino imposes a wagering requirement of 25 times. You will be required to wager 25 x 200 or AU$5,000 as the play through. You can use your original deposit, the bonus amount and any amount that you may win as a contribution towards the wagering requirement. If there is a shortfall you will have to make it up through to fresh deposits.

Once you complete the wagering requirements, the Australian online casino will allow you to withdraw your deposit and the net winnings that you have made in the process. Most bonuses are sticky and cannot be withdrawn by you. If the online casino specifically allows you to withdraw the bonus, then you may do so after completing the wagering requirements.

Usually wagering on online slots contribute 100% towards wagering requirements, whereas wagering on other games contribute less than 100%.